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Aug 12, 2012

“The Peppermint Patch”

I’m so proud of you!  My Mint

Mint is very aggressive, some would say invasive in its growth habit.  I brought a tiny bunch from my old house 13 years ago because I was so attached to it.  I knew …better than to put it in the ground but I was afraid that it would not survive in a pot.  I pushed it in the moist soil and watered it in.  After a couple of years, it had taken over a part of the backyard under the oak tree.  Walking through it was like walking through a Peppermint Patty – not a bad thing, just a warning.  I managed to get rid of most of it but since it spreads by underground runners, it will be impossible to get rid of all of it.  Still not a bad thing.  Now I work diligently to contain it inside what used to be my  Herb Garden.  Also, it has traveled to neighbors yards on both sides and one in back of me.  They don’t seem to mind at all.

One neighbor’s dog loves to romp in the patch outside their front door.  I now grow several varities in a large metal pot.  I call it “The Peppermint Patch”  It dies back over the winter and this is what it looks like as of today after only one year.  So if you keep it in the pot with your other Garden Goodies, it will take over everything else.   Still not totally bad, but I think you want to enjoy your Kale, Collards and Lettuces.

So here’s my suggestion for you: If you can, plant the Collards and Kale in the ground – they need the room to grow and spread their leaves as they develop a deep root system.  Plant the Lettuce in a separate pot so you can keep on eye on it for pests and animals (rabbits, squirrels, etc) who may find your hard work pretty tasty and convenient.  If you’re adventurous and have the space, put the Mint in the ground and let it run. If you can’t or want to keep it nearby so that you can enjoy the fragrance and accessibility, put it in a pot also.  Make sure you water the containers regularly, especially as the weather warms.

You’re on your way with a Farmette in the City.

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