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Dec 5, 2012

Hope – without it we have nothing!

Hope all around us!

A few of weeks ago I was talking to my neighbors – an older couple who are as sweet and caring as they can be.  We’ve been neighbors for eight years and watch out for each others home, mail and newspaper deliveries.  I was telling them about the daily Scripture Memory Verses (SMV) I post on Social Media sites.  We are of different religions but we share the same belief in God.  They were amazed by the possibility of ministering to friends and strangers alike via the computer.

The Best Neighbors!

I told them that I had been given the word “Encouragement” as a focus for the month of October.  Ms. Toni said, “What’s the focus going to be for November?”  I answered, “I don’t know, I’m going to wait and see what God has for me.  And I’ll know it when it comes.”  The month of October progressed with the normal ups and downs of life.  Mainly ups – we purchased a new-to-me car, after a four year wait until we could afford it.  I received purchase orders from three Whole Foods Market for my Rbellah Handcrafted Aromatherapy Soaps.  I had worked on this for nearly a year and I was finally getting an opportunity to live my reality – Success by my OWN Standards!

Then . . . our daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  So many things happened, so fast.  We were thrust into a whole new world previously only familiar to us from the sidelines.      Back to the Scripture Memory Verse – I had started posting them during the summer, even taught on a Prayer Altar about them.  They had become a source of blessings for myself and others as they post daily at 6:05 a.m.  October’s theme had been “Encouragement.”  My neighbor Toni had asked what the theme for November would be.  I told her I would be looking and listening for it.

During our trips to the hospital and doctor’s appointments, I had noticed billboards advertising an upcoming television program called, “Dallas HOPE.”   I had casually paid attention to the announcements as well.  I was still trying to wrap my head around “My Baby Girl” and “Cancer” being in the same sentence.  The night before my daughter’s second surgery, I had this text message exchange with a friend of a friend: Raquel, “Your daughter is in my prayers.  Her name is ‘HOPE’, right?”  I was perplexed as to where she got HOPE from?  Me, “Sarah, after my mother.  Victoria, after her dad and my aunt.”  Raquel, “Ah, somehow I had HOPE in my mind!”  Me, “HOPE is always in order.  I don’t care when the fools say, “HOPE is not a strategy.”   I say, “Without HOPE, we have nothing.  I think you just confirmed what my Scripture Memory Verse focus will be for November.  God is so good and His message just came through you!”

So HOPE became the focus for the month.  On a beautiful October day – the last one of the month, I was caught by an interesting sight outside of my window.  It was a beautiful Monarch Butterfly enjoying long sips from the nectar rich Greggs Blue Mist plants that have sprawled in a favorite spot in my garden.   Roger of Texas Discovery Gardens helped me to identify my plant.  I had planted a small four-inch pot of this beautiful species five years ago in memory of my dear friend Irma Bonham who passed away from Breast Cancer.  It was a bit late in the season for such a visitation in my garden and the butterfly stayed for what seemed like an hour.

I grabbed my cameras and decided to take pictures to remember the day.  As I snapped away, getting ever closer to the butterfly, I was amazed by how close I was allowed to come to it.  It was as though it was completely comfortable with me being there, calming my spirit and giving me a sense of HOPE for what our family was facing and that everything would be fine – according to God’s will.  And so it will be . . . 30 Days of HOPE as written in His Word!  Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the Daily Scripture Memory Verse and let us be a blessing to each other.

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