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Mar 25, 2013

Honey Do – Plant Greens

Honey Do – Plant Greens

In the cool down of November’s weather along with handling my usual busy schedule, I was way behind in planting my Fall Garden.  During a conversation with a friend regarding my daughter’s Cancer diagnosis she said, “I can’t believe that with all you have going on you still want to be outside digging in the dirt!”  She is obviously not a gardener, thus she doesn’t understand the irresistible need to dig, plant and grow some of your own food.  I replied, “Gardening is such a relaxing and purposeful and productive activity for me.  With Sarah’s diagnosis, I can”t think of anything better to feed her than food I’ve grown myself, free of pesticides – raised with tender loving care!”  She replied, “Oh.”

Still I was behind and knew I needed help in getting the space cleared of the summer’s crop.  When The Mister wanted to go hunting for the weekend, I struck a bargain with him; You can go . . . if you help me plant my Fall Garden!  Having been my co-laborer in the garden for many years, he knew I was behind also, thinking that perhaps I had decided to forgo it for this time around.  He said, “Since you’re so late getting it in, maybe you should wait until Spring to plant the garden.”  I replied, “Do you want to wait until Spring to eat Greens?”  Without missing a beat he said, “I’ll get the tiller!”

Even though the day was cool, it was very productive as we cleared,  raked, tilled the soil and made way for the Fall Garden.  We planted Collard Greens, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Kale from nursery starters in one section.   In the other we used seeds for Turnips, Swiss Chard and Mustards.  In addition, the lawn received its last cut if the season for a nice slumber until Spring.  It was a very productive day and we both accomplished our goals.  The Mister left for his weekend hunting trip and I was able to look forward to a bountiful harvest of delicious and healthy greens in the coming month.

Here is a video of a previous year’s garden harvest detailing how I prepare delicious mixed Greens.  Included also a recipe for Rosemary Jalapeno Cornbread.  I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to Be Healthy – Grow Some Food!

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