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Dec 25, 2013

A Bittersweet Time

A Special Gift

A Special Gift

This is such a bittersweet time of year for me.  I think about loved ones who have gone on . . . my daddy Regles, Sr. who died 40 years ago on 12/14.  My dear sister, Harriet whose birthday was 12/2.  My oldest brother, Jr. whose birthday was 12/6.  My mama Sarah who I was promoted by the Spirit of the Lord to make the trip home for Christmas 2008 – knowing that it would be her last.  I’m so glad I was an obedient daughter.

With every gift I wrap, I am honoring my sister Anita who died in 2006.  She was fortunate to learn how to beautifully wrap gifts at a local department store in Columbus, GA.  She taught me how, “Get corners tight and the edges creased – match the designs, if possible . . . !”  I might not get it just perfectly every time but I think of her just the same!

We didn’t have much growing up in Alabama.  But I recall my mama and daddy, with the help of the Salvation Army and Mother Mary Mission Catholic School making sure that we always had something under the tree when we returned from Midnight Mass.  That’s why I can never pass a Red Pail without sharing out of my bounty.  Harriet had the most generous heart and always made sure that no one went without.  Jr. was the one who instilled the value of work for what you want in all of us who cared to learn it.  He lead by example.

So many have had loses of family and friends this year.  It is a difficult and challenging time, especially in this season of celebrations, gift giving and merry making.   Be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship that can bring comfort, peace and even a bit of joy as time makes the pain a little less stinging,  How long?  No one has a formula for that.  I just say . . . in due time.

What are some of the memories of your loved ones and how they have impacted your life?  We all have stories – let the sharing begin!

Merry Christmas and may you have an extra measure of faith, love, peace, comfort and joy during this season and beyond.

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