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Aug 25, 2013

American Made – It’s a sad dog . . .

Vote for Rbellah LLC

Vote for Rbellah LLC

I love old sayings from the elders.  This one I heard a lot growing up:  It’s a sad dog that won’t wag it’s own tail!  Meaning that if you don’t believe in yourself – wagging your own tail, and prompting your own accomplishments and pursuits – then who will.

So with this in mind, I have entered into the 2013 Martha Stewart American Made Contest.  I would love your support.  Vote for me and pass it on to your email and social media contacts.  Nothing like having the support of family, friends, loyal supporters and new devotees.  Love to you all.

Vote here:

Keeping It Moving – FORWARD!

Rhonda – Rbellah LLC

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