Rhonda Bellamy Hodge
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Aug 28, 2012

About me

Hi! I’m Rhonda Bellamy Hodge – a mouthful, so you can just call me Rhonda.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend.   I never meet strangers . . . only friends and relatives on this amazing journey called life.  I was born, raised and educated in the South – the land of my ancestors in which I pay great homage as the source of my sense of adventure for gardening, handcrafts, culinary pursuits and travel.

Like so many women of a certain age, when I graduated from college I was part of a new generation of women; beneficiaries of both the Women’s Movement and Affirmative Action.   I set out to work in the corporate world looking forward to someday reaching the upper echelons of management with the requisite corner office with a door.

Marriage and the birth of my first child changed all of that.  I was totally transformed by the experience and commitment to my son who I call “My Firstborn”.   He was soon followed “My Baby Girl” and four years later, “My Caboose”.  I am truly fortunate for the privilege to have been able to raise them and take care of our home for the past 27 years.  Thankfulness and praise goes to my husband (The Mister) who has been supportive through it all, from allowing me the space to explore flexible work and business opportunities to the freedom to dig in the dirt to start and maintain a garden at every home we established.  It’s been rewarding, challenging, nerve-racking and never boring!

I am often compared in a certain “Martha” we all know and to that I say, “It’s a good thing!”  I invite you along to share in my adventures as I attempt to be the Martha of my domain.  The So YumMe section is where I post my recipes accompanied by frame by frame photos and from prep to plate.  Occasionally, I may post photos and inspirations from other sources.  My general cooking and eating style is “Simply Good Food!”

For years we did most of our traveling as a family.  You know – the reunion, the vacation, the funeral, the family wedding, the family graduation, etc.  Since January of 2009, with my children growing up, I started traveling on my own first attending the Inauguration of President Obama as a reporter for my local newspaper.  It was the most exciting adventure of my life.  I was bitten by the travel bug and have taken many trips since then.  From Staycations to conferences to trips to the beaches in California.  I keep my bag packed, my camera ready and zero balance credit card – ready for the next adventure.  I’ve learned some tricks of the travel trade that’ll I gladly share with you.  They are documented and reviewed in the Travels section.

The Garden and Home section covers my love of digging in the dirt and the harvest produced from the fruits of my labor.  Handcrafts of all sorts have been a part of my life since I was nine years old.  From knitting to painting to sewing; they all add a sense of pleasure and accomplishment to my life.  I will share photos and videos of my garden and crafting projects along with ideas and how-to’s as I tend my Driveway Garden to encourage others to Be Healthy . . . Grow Some Food!  And discover or re-connect with your creative spirit.

I love thrift stores, garage and estate sales, hand-me-downs and sometimes plain ole dumpster diving for exciting and useful finds.  The Goodwill Fridays section features these finds and ways that I use them in my home, garden and business.

We’ve lived in our current neighborhood for over 13 years; eleven years in previous one.  I love a sense of Community and I maintain relationships with people all over even back to college and my childhood.  Stories which promote this concept and the people who make this happen will be featured here.

I’ve been a crafter since I was nine years old, starting with handmade potholders I sold door-to-door to my neighbors.  Over the years, I’ve sold books, stationary and cards, dolls, handmade women and children’s clothing and accessories and home decor items.   Nearly a decade ago I started a home-based, handcrafted bath and body business with customers throughout the United States and abroad.  My natural soap line will soon be carried in eight local stores in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  In the Shop section these products, along with others may be purchased under the name, rbellah.

As a former media professional, I know how valuable good press can be.  I’ve been fortunate to have been featured in several publications and media outlets.  Occasionally, I produce and post my own videos to YouTube.  They will be featured in the Media section.

I am often asked about the how and why of my life, my family, my marriage and my business.  For me there are no secrets; there is only a profound faith in God and seeking His purpose for my life.  A sense of gratefulness every day that I am blessed to have my feet hit the floor, in good health and sound mind and the same for my family.  A commitment to hard work to create my own reality with the resources that I have or which are available to me.  I strive each day to make that day count in everything that I do, think, or say to be as positive as possible.  Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my everyday life with you.   I hope that you will be inspired to Live Life Marvelously also!

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wife, mother, sister, friend. Business owner, writer, photographer. Yes, it's a lot but life is full of opportunites and we should take full advantage of them.
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