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Dec 30, 2014

Red Panties, Black-eyed Peas, Greens . . .


Red Panties a New Years Tradition

Red Panties a New Years Tradition

Uh huh – got your attention, eh?  More on this later!

I love celebrating family traditions; including those dating back hundreds of years in cultures across the world as well as relative new ones.   Several have become intertwined because they are fun or tasty.  Many people of faith spend New Year’s Eve in what’s called, “Watch Night Service.”  A search of its origin yields many entries.  Here are three I’ve found interesting: Snopes, Wikipedia, and NPR.  My family and I have spent many New Year’s Eve at Watch Night Services or down on our knees in our own homes praying in the New Year.

Other celebrated traditions in my family of origin are represented by this photo collage.

New Year's Eve Prep

New Year’s Eve Prep

We all had to pitch in to make sure that all the dirty clothes were washed AND dried; no wet fabric was allowed in the house.  All the dishes had to be washed, dried and put away.  No trash of any kind was allowed in the house.  The stroke of midnight was a “magical” time in our home.  The saying was that whatever you were doing at midnight, you would be doing for the rest of the year!  We all took it seriously; or at least we were obedient to our mother’s standards.  Oh, for the good old days of housekeeping with my own family!

Next comes the food traditions.  We always have Black-eyed Peas and greens of some sort.  The peas reportedly represent the plentiful “coins” in the New Year.  Greens such as collards, turnips, mustards and cabbage are a must as they represent an abundance of green – as in folding money, bucks, greenbacks, duckets, dough, smackers, moolah, notes, etc.  As an avid gardener, I love growing a variety of greens – especially in a fall garden.  Here’s a video of my garden including a recipe demo of Mixed Greens with Jalapeno Cornbread.

From Garden to Table Greens and Rosemary Jalapeno Cornbread

. . . and a reprise of my staple Black-eyed Peas recipe. 

Field Peas with Snaps (may substitute Black-eyed Peas)

Field Peas with Snaps (may substitute Black-eyed Peas)

Some years ago while listening to an NPR program regarding New Years traditions, two new to me new concepts were presented.  Being intentional about our goals and desires for the upcoming year.  Whether that’s travel, new career, business, family or relationships; gather tangible items representing those goals.  Surround yourself with those items on New Years Eve, meditating on them becoming reality in the New Year.

In 2011 when I really wanted travel to be a part of my reality, I packed my bag along with my newly acquired passport, reading materials and other items conducive to my travel goals.  The segment said to hold on to those things into the New Year with a sense of whatever you’re doing at midnight, you’ll be doing all year long.  With that and strains of my mama’s admonition whispering in my ears, I held on to the bag, passport, cell phone and camera as the clock struck midnight.

I know it sounds hokey and a bit silly in some contexts but it’s about the INTENTION of putting your desires into some real (even if silly) ACTIONS to make them your REALITY!  And for me, it worked because I had concrete goals with actions to back them up.  In 2011, I had the best travel year ever!  My themes were beaches and wine tours.  This translated to three trips to California to visit Los Angelos, San Diego and San Francisco for the times of my life.

New Years Intentions

New Years Intentions

Now for what probably grabbed your attention with this post – The Red Panties!  On that same NPR program there was a discussion about several cultures (Italy, Spain and Japan) where wearing red underwear is a custom to ring in good luck for the New Year.  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that red is the most reductive color there is – especially for men, many who are color blind.  Yet, red is the color that they can make out most clearly.  So for a few dollars and a bit of bravado, why not try something different and undoubtedly more interesting to ring in the new year!  Read more here.

Red Panties a New Years Tradition

Red Panties a New Years Tradition

So, what are your New Years traditions?  Are you willing to try some new ones?  Do tell!  Post me up via email or any of my Social Media platforms.  Whatever you do, the best to you and your family for a Happy, Prosperous and MORE Marvelous New Year.


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