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Feb 8, 2016

ONE Small Thing = BIG Changes in Health

ONE Small Thing = BIG Changes

We’re about six weeks into 2016 and I know many of us may have already given up on our New Years Resolutions or at least brought them into a more realistic view.

Continuing the theme of ONE Small Thing = Big Changes, let’s focuses on one small thing we can do to improve our health.   As a foodie, I love great tasting food, beverages and even the occasional dessert.  Overly depriving myself of these things, as in a strict diet – makes me get stressed just thinking about it.  But I really wanted to make some changes – cutting back somewhere on something to help stave off the added pounds that seem to want to set up residence on my body.

What could that ONE small thing be?  What could I commit to – at least long enough to see some results such as losing weight, feeling better, looking better, etc.?

The answer unexpectedly came to me during a recent trip to Hawaii.  I was on Kona – The Big Island, where they really pride themselves on a lot of things – including their mountain grown coffee.  It’s quite costly and most of it is grown organically.  I was not really interested in paying $18 – 24/half-pound of coffee.  As much as I love great coffee and supporting local farmers, geez – that’s expensive! But at an open farmers market, I took the chance to at least drink my share of free samples.  At the first vendor, I was so busy talking and enjoying the area that I mindlessly drank it as it was; no sugar, no cream.  Something clicked, what – that tasted pretty good; very good in fact!   Smooth, bright, not bitter and I could actually taste all those nuances foodies speak about with coffee (and wine and cheese and chocolate, etc.).

Not convinced, and still wanting NOT to pay that premium price, I moved on to several other vendors buying a few other things.  Then I happened on another coffee farmer.  I tasted his offering and even though the taste was different – as all coffee farmers have their signature way of growing, drying, roasting and packaging their precious beans.  His was also very good, without the addition of cream or sugar.  I ended up buying from both vendors and sent my precious finds back to the mainland by US mail.  After these two experiences I realized that I really don’t need sugar or even cream in my coffee!

Those additives had perhaps become more of a ritual and a habit; perhaps to make up for coffee that really doesn’t taste that good in the first place.  So I decided that I would start with that SMALL step to help cut down on the added sugar in my diet.  Recent studies have shown that sugar can be really, really harmful to us.  Here’s one post that you may be interested in.  I recall my brother who was a real Pepsi lover.   Couldn’t eat without one or two per meal.  Years ago he decided to stop just that one thing after a noticing he was becoming – pleasingly plump – to himself.  Not one to diet to “do” exercise, he stopped drinking Pepsi.  A year later, he had dropped over 20 pounds by doing just that ONE thing.

Since the beginning of the year,  I’ve done well with my no sugar in the coffee as my ONE small thing.  I’m looking forward to this making BIG changes in my energy levels, weight and overall health.  For now, I’ll still add cream, because then that would be two things and the goal is to do ONE small thing on a consistent basis in order see BIG changes!  Besides, I like the color of coffee with cream! We do eat/drink with our eyes first.  UPDATE:  Weighed myself on Saturday, February 6th; I’m down three pounds by doing just this ONE small thing.  Imagine the number if I keep this up for the whole year!

I encourage you to identify your ONE small thing you can commit to in order to see BIG changes in your health.  It may be reducing your salt intake by cutting back on salty snacks or added salt to foods.  It can be as simple as reading the labels to check the amount of sugar or salt PER serving and verifying exactly what a serving size really is.  Real culprits are condiments!  I found out how EVIL a particular salad dressing can be.  It almost made me loose a recent weigh loss and healthy lifestyle challenge.  But geez, it was tasty!  It can be adding more steps in your day by taking the stairs or parking further from the entrance to a building.  Perhaps you want to try more of a plant-based or Mediterranean diet to live healthier lifestyle.

As with my previous post on ONE Small Thing = Big Changes In Finances, here’s the ONE Small Thing Worksheet to help you identify and document your progress on ONE Small Thing = BIG Changes in Health.  I’m looking forward to us sharing, encouraging and succeeding together on this Living Life Marvelously journey!





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