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Mar 16, 2014

I Remember Mama

Mama's Program

Mama’s Program

Happy Birthday Mama. You continue to live on daily in my life, my family (especially My Baby Girl who carries your name) and our entire family of origin. Rest In Peace in the company of your sister (Aunt Bridie), two of your daughters (Harriet and Anita) and a son-in-law (Otis) at Sunset Gardens. Exodus 20:12; Eph 6:2

When I posted this on Facebook last year, I received so many wonderful comments and likes.  It is apparent that our mothers continue to hold a special place in our lives – throughout our lives.  Here’s a sampling:

Joseph – Thanks for sharing!! Our Moms live on until we meet again………….

Rhonda – Yes, they do Joseph.

Gwen –Mrs. Sarah, such a dear, R.I.P.

Meta – My Mom’s birthday too, R.I.P. and her name was Harriet – that’s where Ariette’s name came from.

Marcia – Happy Birthday to your Mom as she celebrates over the rainbow.

Rhonda – Thanks Gwen. Our mothers were long time friends – it’s great that Ms. Lorene is still with you all. Praise God for that. BTW, I call My Baby Girl, Miss Sarah most of the time!

Rhonda – Meta, isn’t that something! My oldest sister was named Harriet. So much in common. I love how we can continue to honor our parents for generations through their names. My mother was besides herself with joy when I named Sarah after her. I was the last chance for that to happen and once it was out of my mouth as a thought, my cousin sealed the deal with a hoop and a holler and it was a done deal! Later when I became more aware of my family history, the name Sarah goes back into the mid-1800’s on my father’s side. So we continue to carry it on far into the 21st century.  A further surprise was that her middle name, Victoria (after her dad) made my grandmother’s (Dee Dee) day.  She informed me with glee that I had named her after one of my favorite aunts who we had called “Aunt Vic” all our lives.  Who knew her given name was “Victoria!”

Rhonda – Marcia, my mother and Aunt Bridie gave me my love of flowers and plants. They are both over the rainbow now, just a little slope away from each other.

Just yesterday, I met a gentleman at Whole Foods Market in Addison, TX.  We struck up a conversation over my business, Rbellah LLC.   After awhile he was interrupted by a phone call from his brother.  A brand new niece was welcomed into the world.  Excitedly, he told me how happy they were, especially his mother because the baby would be named after her, Christina.  Again the naming tradition continues – blessing to the whole family!

As we mark another year of my my mama’s birth, I am reminded of how much of an influence she was and still is on me.  I will be forever thankful that I was obedient in December 2008 when I was prompted by God to go home to see my mama, “This will be your last time to see her alive.”   The whole family made the long car trip from Texas to Alabama, as we had done many times before.   It was bittersweet to leave her that final time; I bought her apples as she requested – three, one for each of my children who had been so patient during the trip.  She said they were the best looking apples as she placed them on the small night stand in her nursing home bedroom.  We all hugged and kissed her goodbye.  Her last words to me, “Thanks so much for coming, take care of yourself, Victor and those babies too!”  Mothers –  always watching out for their children . . . and their children’s children.

Here’s my Mama Tribute I delivered at her funeral.  I hope you are encourage to count the blessings your mother has poured into you.  If she is still among the living, let her know firsthand.  Either way, it’s never too late to write them down and pass them on to the next generation.

This is Women’s History Month and what better way to mark it than to honor the women who gave us life.  Be blessed!

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