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Jan 8, 2015

Happy New Year; Just Breathe!

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

With all of the hustle and bustle of the past few months hopefully in our rear view mirror, we will take some deep breaths before, during and after we set our goals (resolutions ) for this new year.  Yes, I literally mean breathe.  As a wife, mother, small business owner, daughter, sister, friend, and all around Renaissance woman, I know like me – you sometimes forget to breathe.  But over the years in dealing with all kinds of life’s issues, both good and not so good, I’ve learned that the simple practice of mindful breathing has been valuable to me.

For example, just last month I noticed that the front glass to my roadside rescued China cabinet was missing.  Well, what had happened to it – who dun-it?  Inquiring out loud, The Mister (my husband) said he had broken it trying to move the cabinet back in place after cleaning the carpet.  In my mind for a few brief few moments, I thought “What – I moved it without breaking it!  Why couldn’t you? Now I won’t be able to take the pretty holiday pictures I had planned.

I started to breathe, considering what to say or do.  Near simultaneously, I could hear my mama’s admonition, “Put your mind in gear before you put your mouth in motion!”  I think of it as waiting 15 seconds before saying or doing anything that I might want to take back later.  In those few seconds, I was reminded that the cabinet didn’t have glass in it when I hauled it home.  Also, it was The Mister who had replaced it in the first place.  Yes, it was with framing glass but it was glass just the same.  AND, he had cleaned the carpet.  I’m so glad that I didn’t blow up and ruin the day for all of us.  Now we get to replace it with thick beveled glass made for China cabinets and we’ll all be happier.

In many situations when something happens to upset us, it’s wise to do these five things:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Access the situation. (Is there blood, broken bones or hurt feelings?)
  3. Devise a solution.  (Can it be replaced, repaired or redressed?)
  4. Do it.
  5. Keep breathing!

Here’s my favorite resource for breathing exercises.  Dr. Weil is a well know authority on wholistic health and wellness.

And when something happens to make us happy; you know what to do then – keep breathing!

P. S. Here’s the China cabinet top decoration I did with objects around the house and branches from our backyard Bradford Pear tree.  The Mister said it was very nice.  Amen for that!

China Cabinet Top Decoration

China Cabinet Top Decoration


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