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May 26, 2014

Firstborn Birthday Blues

My Firstborn and I on Whole Foods Market Addison Grand Opening

My Firstborn and I at Whole Foods Market Addison Grand Opening.

This month I celebrated my 35th Class Reunion as a graduate of  Clark College in Atlanta, GA.  It is now Clark Atlanta University after consolidating with Atlanta University twenty-five years ago.  Demands of life and family had kept me away for far too many years.  I had been looking forward to renewing old friendships and developing new networking opportunities.

Then as life often has it, schedules collide and a whole new set of plans take precedence.  I was able to participate in a lucrative and long-standing show with my line of Rbellah products.   The trip to the reunion was booked.  At the same time, My Firstborn – Jared would be turning 28.  For the first time in his life I was going to miss his birthday!  We both had a moment of panic when we realized that I would miss his birthday for the first time in his life. I almost changed my plans when I saw his face as he was planning his outing.  Almost recovering he said, “Mom, I’ll be ok – we’ve had a good run!” Admittedly, I lost a couple nights sleep fretting; not knowing that I would be so affected by it.  But here I am, hundreds of miles away and we’re both ok. I miss him terribly but the ladies of the Prayer Altar assured me, “I Am” a great mom and he knows that I love him beyond measure.  If you are a mother (or father) and had to miss special days/events in your children’s lives – how have you coped?  How did your children handle it?

I’ve promised him my fabulous Homemade Carmel Cake upon my return.  No matter whose birthday it is, everyone requests it!  I must get it written down for posterity’s sake!

Carmel Cake Slice 2

Carmel Cake Slice

P. S. In the midst of my travels my son experienced a career event and you know what –  the home training that The Mister and I poured into him is paying off.  He’s adjusting, accepting more life lessons and looking forward to making new opportunities his reality; rather than waiting on “whatever” comes next.  Life is good when we’re able to witness our children growing up!  Your thoughts?

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