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Apr 7, 2013

Easter Basket Giveway

8 Days To Radiant Health

In the spirit of sharing during this season of renewal and new birth, I  have partnered with a wonderful woman to present an 8 day Easter Giveaway.


Ginny Edwards has been a professional coach to Christian women for over ten years.  Her passion for embracing excellence in every area of your life to bring glory to God is inspiring women around the globe to pursue their own high calling which includes radiating health and life to all they encounter.  Ginny’s accomplishments and achievements include:

  • Running a successful massage therapy practice for over ten years and winning the hearts and loyalty of her clients
  • Training as a professional coach through a yearlong program with The Christian Coaching Institute
  • Teaching a high-raw food lifestyle  through her certification as a health minister through Hallelujah Acres Ministries
  • Training as a raw food coach with the world’s leading raw food coach teacher, Karen Knowler
  • Organizing and speaking at her women’s spiritual health retreats in Heber Springs, Arkansas
  • Creating the revolutionary “Thin for Him”  Transformational Weight Loss System
  • Creating her signature go raw system, “Eating for Radiance”, to be released in Fall 2013

Today, Ginny is fast becoming known as the Christian Community’s leading raw food coach, working with private clients as well as groups and bringing a Christ-centered approach to raw food and radiant health.

Ginny has been eating a predominantly high-raw food diet for the past 8 years, has lost over 50 lbs., and currently lives in the southern part of the United States. She continues her training and personal growth by working with some of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs, and is committed to serving others in her business through the power of her relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Ginny Edwards International


Each participant has a day to be featured.  Today is my day!  I am pleased to present the first installment of my e-book titled, “Spa Sundays.”  though Ginny’s website.   The follow-on installments can be received by subscribing to my newsletter list in the upper right hand side of this page.

Spa Sundays

Your at home Spa Sunday Retreat


Spa Sundays – A weekly at home Spa Experience for the Body, Mind and Soul.  Pampering treatments for the whole body; using readily available ingredients from your kitchen, pantry, garden or natural foods store.  Also included are delicious and easy to prepare food and drink recipes.  For meditative and life enriching purposes, a Scripture Memory Verse is included for each week.  We will cover five areas, one focus per week: Feet, Body, Hands, Face, Hair.


At the end of the five weeks there will be a special plan for your At-Home Spa Sunday Getaway!

Please subscribe so that you don’t miss a week!


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  • Nanette

    This sounds real interesting. Thanks for the Easter gift..and trust you have a great and happy day.

    • Thank you Nanette for your kind compliments. My day is Joyous – hoping the same for you! The next installment for the series is on the Body. I’m so happy to provide it to my subscribers.

  • womenrecharged

    Go Rhonda!

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