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Mar 24, 2016

CAUAA-DFW Chapter “Culture For Service!”

CAUAA-DFW Chapter Mtg 22816

When I was a student at Clark College in Atlanta, GA – our motto was “Culture for Service.”  The graduate school, Atlanta University’s motto was “Find a Way or Make One.”  With the merger of these two institutions in 1988, it was a synergistic marrying of    complimentary goals that have made us stronger together.  Productive CAUAA-DFW Chapter Meeting today. Large or small, we get it done! Best wishes for speedy recoveries to several members who weren’t feeling well today. A special shout out to our own, Mr. Mom, Corey Echols who is handling it all with his girls while his lovely wife is away on business.  Two members had to leave early. And of course, I’m the camerawoman. Through it all, we pull together and support each other and CAU. Thank you to Dr. Harry Robinson, President and CEO of the African American Museum who graciously hosts our meetings. He’s a proud graduate of Atlanta University.

But that’s not how the story ends.  After the meeting ended, we returned to the parking lot to find my car with a flat tire.  So ironic since the week before My Baby Girl had come over for a maintenance session with The Mister.  I cheered their daddy-daughter bonding time and slipped back in the house saying, “Umph, something happen to my car, I’m gonna call someone.

And so I did!  I called the folks at Triple A, explained the situation and they dispatched a serviceperson.  It would take an hour and 15 minutes!  Relaying this message to my fellow alumni members, Kennard Love and Ryan Russell, the asserted, “No way, we can have this done in under 30 minutes.  And they did!

CAUAA - DFW Heroes

Thanks fellas!  Another reason to join CAUAA-DFW Chapter/National; membership really does have it’s privileges.  You never know when you’re going to need help outside of the normal.  In fact, I heard Kennard and Ryan giving another member some valuable information on how to select auto repair companies.  Especially valuable for women, as it is a known fact that we are often taken advantage of when it comes to things like auto and household repairs.  Even though my tire couldn’t be repaired, Ryan gave me some great points on how to approach the situation at the shop.  Thankfully, I had insurance on the tires and received a new one through Costco for about $20.

As I left the museum parking lot, I checked the repair service ETA; they were now an additional 30 minutes out from getting to me.  I cancelled the call!


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