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Feb 10, 2017

28 Days of SELF~LOVE (Day 9)

28 Days of SELF-LOVE-2

Every January when it’s freezing outside and I’m snug in my onesie inside, it’s hard to envision the impending spring that comes and warms the soil in my garden. The birds that will be chirping incessantly, the bunnies that claim my yard as their own or that I will once again be pulled to the garden as by some will of Mother Nature – not my own. I fight the urge, looking at all the work that has to be done to straighten out the ravages of winter. Broken pots, garden furniture and tools, dead plants and beds completely barren – why bother this year!

Then February comes as it always does and like clockwork I find myself out in the garden – AGAIN! Poking and prodding wistfully at the soil and seemingly dead top growth and branches. Sometimes we look and feel a bit dead, frost-bitten and dried up from the toils in our lives. Family, career, community, chores, health issues, financial crises, you name it – most of us have been there at some point. Thankfully – if WE keep poking and prodding for ways to make our lives better, we will find some signs of life down there. WE have to start by removing the dead stuff, pushing away the leaves, pulling up the weeds, letting some new light (life) in. In due time, wallah – you’ll have some new growth; then a harvest and finally a meal!

My hands actually start itching to get out in the soil. I’m drawn to the flats of plants that begin to show up at garden centers, nurseries and big box stores. Yesterday I couldn’t stand it anymore. I gave in to the call of Mother Nature – and bought three nine-packs: arugula, spinach and dinosaur kale! They are healthy looking and will go into a large container garden. Even if the weather turns super cold again – as it is apt to do before spring actually arrives – these hardy plants will be fine, as they thrive in cooler weather.

Consider planting a garden to show yourself some SELF~LOVE. It can be as simple as a small container Herb Garden. Or you can plan for a more expansive row by row garden which can be planted as soon as the soil warms in your area. If you are new to gardening, check with your garden center for the appropriate plants and planting times in your area.

Gardening is actually very good for us. It gets us outside to enjoy and appreciate the close-up wonders of God’s creation. Gardening has also been shown to raise the levels of the serotonin and endorphins – known as the “happy hormones”. This form of “exercise” can burn about 165 calories per 30 minutes of activity. And best of all, we can eat the fruits of our labor – how wonderful is that!

I hope you will look into planting a garden – soon! It is one of my favorite activities and the benefits more than outweigh broken fingernails, sweat and chasing away the bunnies who want to eat my goodies. Need some inspiration, here’s my video from a few seasons back on planting a Salad Bowl Garden.

More tomorrow!




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