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Feb 7, 2017

28 Days of SELF~LOVE (Day 7)

28 Days of SELF-LOVE-2

It’s Oscar month! When’s the last time you’ve been to the movies? For me it had been a long time – a couple of years and before that a couple years more. I’ve usually kept up with goings on in the movie business vicariously through the news and other media reports. But with so many interesting and diverse movies out now I decided to make a plan to go to one movie a week this month.

Don’t have anyone to go with? Then make a movie date – with YOURSELF! Why? Because often we miss out on things we really want to do if we don’t have a friend or companion to go along with us. We may be self-conscious about being out alone in certain places. This shouldn’t totally prevent you from having life experiences that are important to you. Besides, often our friends and companions don’t share the same interest in movies, music, art, etc. They may not be happy going with us anyway – then no one is happy!

Here are some helpful hints to consider in making a movie date with YOURSELF.

1. Decide to just do it. What do YOU want to see?
2. Go to the matinees, usually the first two to three showings. They’re cheaper, less crowded and less chit-chat from the audience.
3. You can just get up and go – not worrying about dressing up, make-up (but do wear lipstick) and the like. You can even go incognito – donning a hat and sunglasses. Who knows you may be taken for a movie reviewer or a VIP – which you are!
4. Check to see if there’s a Studio Movie Grill in your area. They are currently offering $5.00 online tickets for a limited time. There may be other similar businesses in your area.
5. Eat a little something before you go so as not to be tempted by the smells, sights and sounds of the generally unhealthy offerings of the theatre. Take your own discrete snacks, just in case!
6. Enjoy the movie!

More tomorrow!




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