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Feb 6, 2017

28 Days of SELF~LOVE (Day 6)

28 Days of SELF-LOVE-2

Happy Monday Love!

Six days in and I hope that you’ve picked up a few nuggets and words of encouragement to show yourself some SELF~LOVE.   What’s on my mind for today is a “theme song” for your life. Do you have one? Several perhaps? Has the song in your heart changed over time to match your season of life? Or do you have an old standby that brings you a sense of comfort, encouragement, excitement, etc?

I thought about this as I heard a variety of songs yesterday. From upbeat and reverent worship songs to jazz melodies to the amazing halftime potpourri of songs by Lady Gaza. Now I’m no music or dance expert, but I know a great performance when I see one! I was in praise mode during church and enjoyed the smooth jazz afterwards. During halftime, I was glued to my chair in the middle of the floor not daring to move, should I miss something.

Today, think about a “theme song” that helps carry you though the demands of your day. Or one that has been an “old standard” through the years. I bet the melody and words are wafting through your mind and maybe you’ve started to hum a bit. Go ahead sing it, sing your heart out – even if you’re not much of a singer – that’s alright because it’s YOUR song. And owing it is a way to show SELF~LOVE today and everyday.

For me, I love, “Amazing Grace”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Eva Cassidy) and a few pop tunes that change over time. What’s yours?

More tomorrow!






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