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Aug 10, 2012

27 Years and Counting

27th Anniversary Collage

27th Anniversary Collage

On August 10, 1985, Victor Troy Hodge and Rhonda Lynn Bellamy said, “I do” surrounded by nearly 150 family members and friends.  Despite all of our church attendance and observances from those we held dear, we had only a vague idea of what we were committing to.  Of what it would take to have and nurture three children into young adults, purchase and maintain several households, deal with the deaths of our parents, siblings, close relatives and dear friends.  But we have made it to this day.  Not without lots of bumps and bruises . . . there have been many!

If I were to look for  what has held us together to this point, it would be these things: Faith in God!  Know that it’s not totally about YOU!  Compromise, open communications, mutual respect and consideration for the greater good of the whole family is key to help guide you through the tough times and celebrate the good times.    An active relationship with a local faith community where shared values are modeled from the pulpit to the various ministries.

Additionally, maintaining supportive relationships with other couples and elders who are cheering and praying for your success as a family is very important.  We have been blessed with a community of family and friends who from the beginning have been there for us.  Several have passed on and we a grateful for what they left us with.  Here’s a wedding gift which hangs in our kitchen as a constant reminder to all who pass it.

Joshua 24:15

Treasured wedding gift.

If you are married, what are some of the ways that have been important to the success of your marriage and family.  If you are hoping to be married, what are some of the qualities you would like to have in a mate?


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  • Theresa Davis

    Im a hugger so its important to have that contact, we greet everyday with a kiss & hug, every eve and everynight before going to bed (so its hard to stay mad 😀 our children never leave our home or hang up the phone with out a hug and saying “i love you” Sunday family Dinner once a month and lots of couple time (always stay close because children grow up & leave) enjoy one another, laugh a lot & remember what brought you together…..Grow together not apart….there’s a saying “Life is what you make it” well so is Marriage.

    • admin

      Theresa, this is such great advice. Sounds just like what Rev. Robert E. Price told us during our premarital counseling session (we only had one) all those years ago. Something must have worked, because we’re still together! He recently passed away and it was so wonderful to see the many couples he married come to pay their respects to him. My best to you, your husband and your children. You all have set a positive example for them.

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